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If you’re like many of our clients, you’re working hard to succeed with your customers. 

To increase customer retention and loyalty. 

To more effectively manage customer complaints. 

To get on top of principles-based business conduct regulations. 


Our practical recommendations and online solutions help numerous financial services firms increase their customer trust leading to positive business benefits.

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Over 150 financial service firms are using Brilliance

  • Customer Retention



    We’ll help you provide ongoing value for customers and enhance customer experience based on their changing needs and expectations, thus keep them positively coming back for more.



  • Complaints Management



    We’ll help you track and attend to complaints more professionally, and easily access rich reports for management and Conduct of Business Returns.



  • Good Conduct Management



    We’ll help you simultaneously focus on customer outcomes, company culture and good governance to successfully drive values-aligned business conduct.



Over 25 years’ experience in financial services

We serve clients across multiple sectors in financial services: insurance, reinsurance, banking, medical aids, UMAs, binder holders, cell captives, brokerages, asset managers and investment houses.

With a strong knowledge of many processes, challenges and the nature of customer relationships that exist within these sectors, we provide experience-based recommendations as well as tried-and-tested online tools to make it easier for you to do what’s best for your customers.

Give us a call.  We’d love to listen to your specific situation and share our suggestions. 

You’ll then be in the best position to decide whether you’d like to work with us.

“Give customers what they value in ways that show that you value them and value a higher purpose, and they’ll generate greater value for you in return.”

Samantha Hillion-Burns

Customer Retention

What is customer retention?  It is about creating value that energises two things regarding your customers: positive behavioural responses and strong emotional bonds.  Retaining customers is never about entrapping them.  It is more like “magnetising” them.

Our roots in customer psychology and communications provide firm ground upon which you can rely on our expertise in the art and science of retaining clients.  Add to this our substantial first-hand knowledge and experience of what it takes to keep customers in the financial services industry.

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Customer Retention

To increase customer retention a number of factors need to pull in the same direction simultaneously.  Such as: The way you listen to and communicate with customers.  The competence, energy and ethics of your leaders and team.  The effectiveness of systems and processes.  The design and quality of products and services. The attention to details showing your value of and respect for customers.

You’re probably already doing very well in certain factors but might not be aware of where and how improvements need to be made that will have the most significant impact on your customer retention.  This is why you need independent expertise to provide professional objective reviews, advice and recommendations.  This is what we do for our clients.

Customer Retention

How would you like an online solution that systematically helped you to keep more customers?

The Brilliance Customer Keeper is a management system that:

    • Sets out business practices (processes, systems, policies, deliverables, strategies) based on your unique CX objectives.
    • Enables each division to independently evaluate business practices relevant to their function
    • Helps you allocate responsibilities and select deadlines by each customer-retaining business practice will be in place
    • Provides management reports for you to monitor progress and successes across multiple divisions
Customer Retention

Do you want to improve the level of customer retention in your company? 

Do you want guidance, advice or some recommendations on what to do next to create value for your customers – value that builds their trust and loyalty; value that generates the returns your company needs?

Do you want to find out more about the Brilliance online system (web app) that will help you keep more customers? 

Complaints Management

Complaints management includes:

    • Making it easy for customers to reach you through their channel of choice (phone, email, web, Whatsapp)
    • Being responsive and attentive, listening with empathy and professionally resolving each complaint
    • Tracking all relevant complaint details and correctly categorising them for future analysis
    • Figuring out the root causes of complaints, rectifying them and proactively avoiding further similar complaints
    • Comparatively reporting on complaints, analysing complaint trends and acting on insights for continuous improvement

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Complaints Management

We have worked with various financial services firms that realised the need to more effectively manage the full customer complaints cycle.  They asked Brilliance for advice.  Based on their needs and requests, we provided input such as:

    • Drafting complaints policy aligned to company values yet also to meet regulatory requirements
    • Reviewing complaints handling processes to improve effectiveness and ensure fair treatment of customers
    • Designing complaints management systems to support positive and fair customer experiences
    • Facilitating workshops on complaints handling, root cause analysis, and meaningful complaints reporting
    • Mapping complaint classifications and categories to TCF outcomes for accurate complaints reports for Conduct of Business Returns
Complaints Management

How would you like a complaints management system that already meets regulatory reporting requirements, that doesn’t require any capital outlay, that is perfectly suited to any number of employees or third parties to use working from home, that is customised to your needs and immediately available on a subscription basis? 

The Brilliance Customer Feedback Tool:

    • Makes it easy for people to capture customer complaints and compliments
    • Is designed to be quick and accurate, yet flexible
    • Enables you to assign or escalate complaints if needs be
    • Provides management reports for you to monitor volumes, complaint types, turnaround times and much more

For Complaints Reporting specifically, see MORE.

Complaints Management

Do you think there’s room for improvement in the way customer complaints are handled by your company or your third parties?

Would you find it useful to receive some guidance about how to ensure your complaints management process meets PPRs, TCF or Conduct Standards? Or about developing more meaningful complaints reports?

Would you like to find out more about the Brilliance Customer Feedback Tool that will help you or your third parties (such as brokers, binder holders, underwriting managers) track and report on complaints plus easily extract data for CBRs? 

Good Conduct Management

What is good conduct management?  It is a company-wide, continuous improvement process towards achieving a culture and organisational levers that consistently ensure that customer best interests are upheld. Some call it ‘conduct and culture’ or market conduct or TCF management or customer-centric culture.

Good conduct management is a leadership responsibility that starts with an understanding of behavioural science and a mature awareness of one’s tendency towards ethical fading and various unhealthy biases.  It is not easy.  It involves rigorous self-evaluation; honest and safe debate and discussion; and detailed review of business strategy, of Sales and HR policies, of governance controls and metrics, as well as reviews of processes across all business functions.

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Good Conduct Management

We have worked with various financial services firms that asked us to help them with their good conduct management. 

Some needed to start from scratch and establish a framework for a company- or group-wide continuous improvement process towards refining their culture and organisational levers to ensure the delivery of fair customer outcomes. 

Others needed help with training or good conduct measurements. 

Some wanted documents to be re-drafted to be clear and easy for customers to understand. 

Others wanted help in evaluating evidence of good conduct or in reviewing business processes in HR, compliance, product design, marketing, sales, service, administration, claims and complaints management.

Good Conduct Management

Having worked with many financial services firms since 2006 helping them manage good conduct, we designed and developed online systems (web apps) to make it easier for managers.

The Brilliance Conduct Improvement Tool is a simple management tool.  It helps managers self-evaluate; it prompts honest discussion; it monitors progress across all business functions; it drives good conduct accountability and deadline achievement; it demands evidence uploads when good conduct is in place; and it supports compliance and audit teams in their reviews.

See MORE about the Conduct Improvement Tool.

Good Conduct Management

There is always room for improvement when it comes to good conduct within your company or your third parties.  You need a system to ensure good management in this regard.  Contact us for a demo of the Brilliance Conduct Improvement Tool.  See how it will help you and your third parties (such as brokers, binder holders, underwriting managers) track, evidence and report on good conduct status and progress? 

Also, think about how you could benefit by receiving some suggestions and recommendations on how to more effectively identify and measure conduct culture risks and practices.

“I believe there’s more we can do to raise the bar in ethical design.

Let’s think more carefully about the good we can achieve in the

way we design and refine products, services, processes and company culture.”

Samantha Hillion-Burns

Aspiring to be more successfully ethically customer-centric

If you are one of these:

    • Insurer or reinsurer
    • Medical aid
    • Bank
    • Pension fund or PF administrator
    • UMA
    • Binder holder
    • Cell captive
    • IFA
    • Investment house
    • Asset management firm

Then let’s work together to:

  1. Keep more customers and increase customer trust and loyalty
  2. Manage complaints more professionally and competitively learn from them
  3. Be more clear, truthful, timely and relevant in customer communications
  4. Raise the bar in ethical product design, enhancements and reviews
  5. Evaluate and administer claims speedily and in full context for fairness
  6. Review evidence that demonstrates good outcomes being achieved
  7. Design and implement CX initiatives with regulatory requirements
  8. Update your processes to meet PPRs or Conduct Standards
  9. Measure the extent to which customers experience fair outcomes
  10. Monitor and support third parties in their market conduct
Brilliance provides effective online systems and tools plus practical recommendations and advice for successful ethical customer-centred business.

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